Buffy, Willow, Crochet: Discuss

A wee something to tide you over till the issue's ready (warning – Buffy geekdom below):

Last night we finished watching season 4 of Buffy. A good friend once told me that season 4 could be skipped entirely on account of its wacky fluffiness. Now, although I did come to loathe Riley for all his blandness, and although I don't think the Initiative was developed well enough nor executed in any compelling way (lots of missed potential for social and political commentary), I do think the season was worth watching. If for no other reason than the development of the Giles, Anya, Spike and Willow characters. That said, I'm giddy for season 5, as I'm promised it's a doozy.

Now, the crochet. In seasons 1 and 2 Buffy slept on a thread crochet pillow sham. This, to me, seemed akin to sleeping on a bed of nails. The sham was beautiful, as were, I imagine, the lines on poor Sarah Michelle Geller's cheeks every time she lifted her face off that thing.

Much to my glee, Willow had a ripple afghan at the end of her bed throughout season 4. She also wears a granny square cardigan in one of the final episodes of that season. Willow's character has been victim from the series premiere of interesting wardrobe choices. They're so quirky as to have become iconic in my mind. She's worn lots of yarn barf in the first few seasons. And lots of crochet. Crochet even when it wasn't in style in real life. I don't necessarily think it was good fashion, but my hook sense is constantly tingling watching this show. There was also a cameo appearance by at least one thread crochet bedspread.

Talk amongst yourselves.

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