Browsing for Crochet Fashion

As the weather warms up, my search for great crochet projects shifts from sweaters, afghans, and wool to lace, cotton, and thread. Early this week I could again be found browsing the internet for the current crochet trends and great examples of crocheted lace. Searching the internet for crocheted garments can be quite contagious, and soon I had several coworkers were just as addicted as I.

One great website that was forwarded to me by a coworker was Fashion Urbia's Crochet Clothing Fashion Spring and Summer 2011 blog. This blog reviewed the types of crocheted garments, from lined to unlined wraps and sweaters to crocheted lace accents. I especially love these great dresses. I need to add a crocheted dress to my collection this year.

What crochet fashions for 2011 are your favorite? Do you have a project already on your hooks?

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