Broomstick Lace Shawl and Capelet Both in One


Ruth del Valle


This is a shawl or a capelet in Broomstick Lace Crochet. I do not know why crocheters are kind of afraid of this stitch. It is so fun to do and unlike other stitches you can fix the mistakes you make
There are a tutorial of the stitch, and how to fix mistakes, when your loops are 210. What really matters is to keep neat the vertical rows. It took me only 3 days to do it, even I am not an experienced crocheter or work fast.

But I love to search many things at the net, so my back gets cold, and even I have shawls, I wanted to practice this stitch, and turn out a beautiful one or a cozy capelet, as Susan is modeling.

Materials List

300 gr (10 oz) sport weight yarn 100% acrylic I use just purple, but you can change every row if you like to
1 G/6 (4.25mm) aluminium hook
1 US 35 (20mm) straight needle

And fingers to help twisting the loops (from the non-working hand)

Finished Size

About 116 cm (46″) x 43 cm (17″) rectangle with the border.


4 broomstick stitches are 4″ (10 cm)

3 broomstick rows are 2.52 (6.5 cm)


Work slow and having fun, read the tutorials if something is not working fine

The Pattern

Ch 210. pull up 210 loops into the needle, being careful not to overlap.
The first row, work taking out of the needle 5 loops, twist with the hook or with your fingers,secure with 1 ch work 5 sc on top, take another 5 loops, 5 sc on top til the end.
Pull up with the hook BLO (back loop of the sc below only), to the needle, careful not to twist the loop. I use the needle between my knees, others prefer under the arm, work comfortable.
Until you have 210 loops on the needle, if there are 208 or 214 do not panic, it can be fixed, go to the tutorial.
Then take away the needle, take the first 5 loops, twist and close with a ch, do 5 sc on loop, being careful not to twist, take another 5, twist, 5 sc on top repeat until all the loops are worked. Be careful to follow the vertical rows aligned, so it will look neat, no matter if you have only 4 or 6 loops to keep that.
Work 5 sc on top, until all the loops are worked.
Crochet 3 rows of broomstick lace, then 2 rows of sc (always work the loops against the tail of the base chain), repeat 5 times.
Work 1 complete row of all the rectangle with sc.
Then 2 more rows of sc both sides and the bottom (not on the top of rectangle).
The next row ch3, ss in the same sc, ss twice, then 3 ch in the second ss, all the 3 sides. i.e. (ch3, ss, ch3,ss,…as the last row)
Ch 320, and go through the stitches on top of the rectangle, this will be the cord that shapes the shawl into a capelet.

Have fun!

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