Broomstick in the Thick and Thin of It – Yarn Substitution

Which yarn should broomstick lace be worked in? In my opinion, just about any and all! A Google images search often shows broomstick lace in light and worsted weight yarns. But I’ve created beautiful scarves in fine weight yarns and played around with bulky weights, too.

The topic of yarn selection for broomstick lace came up as I began preparing for the Ghost Cone Scarf crochet-along on Ravelry. The yarn used in the pattern (as seen on the cover of Interweave Crochet Winter 2013) is discontinued, so a yarn substitution had to be made. I raided my stash looking for an alternative and worked up several traditional broomstick lace swatches (this specific scarf is constructed of chained loops instead of loops made around a large knitting needle, but this should work).

broomstick lace yarn selection swatches

In the photo above you can see broomstick lace in the thick and the thin of it…swatched in yarn of different weights, fibers, textures and yarn construction. Oh, and let’s not forget color! I think they ALL look great. So now it comes down to a matter of opinion.

Ghost Cone Scarf

Ghost Cone Scarf

Selecting yarn sometimes comes down to which one “feels” the best. Which blend of color, texture, shape and size will you (or the recipient of the project) love, enjoy and appreciate the most? I hate to say it, but when making a yarn selection, the best way to choose is to swatch. I know, the dreaded swatch *groan*.

But swatching for yarn substitution isn’t the same thing as swatching for gauge. In this instance you just need a sample that’s large enough to give you a quick look at how all the attributes of the yarn will look in your specific pattern.

As for my scarf, I have a tough choice to make. I like them all. So, how to choose? Anyone have a quarter? I may have to flip for it!

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