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I lied a little yesterday when I updated my last post to say I'd fixed the RSS feed problem I'd inadvertently created. I didn't mean to lie. So.

Now I'm pretty sure the feed is fixed, and I'm also pretty sure I at least band-aided the problem that caused some visitors to the site to receive that internet database equivalent of the blue screen of death, the fatal error. The band-aid might make the site run a bit more slowly for some; I thank you for your patience. When I'm back from TNNA (must pack!), I'll see what more I can do.

To distract you from this boring techspeak, I bring you my newly-begun Boteh Scarf. This yarn was sitting on my desk for months before I simply had to start a Boteh with it last week. It's from my first issue working on the magazine, and I've heard innumerable crocheters sing its praises, but man, I cannot stress enough how fun this pattern is. I think it's the first crochet scarf pattern I've ever followed. I'll have it on the plane with me tomorrow. Yum yum.

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