Boo Alien Amigurumi


Tina Pace


This design came from an old toy that had speakers in it’s antenea. I call him Boo. He is a little alien who is very curious, and sometimes causes trouble. He is so cute though, that he normally gets out of it quickly! I have the completed Boo for sale in my Etsy shop at along with many other cute creatures.

Materials List

size F hook

Light worsted weight yarn  hot pink,  yellow, and small amount of black

(I used caron simply soft brights and red heart soft)

small piece of plastic canvas for eyes

polyester fiberfill

tapesrty needle

stitch marker, or bobby pin

white felt

hot glue

Finished Size

Boo is approximately 7″ tall


gauge is not inportant for Boo


stitches used: single crochet (sc), increase (inc), decrese (dec), slip stitch (sl st), and magic ring

the number at the end of the round is the total stitches for that round

most of this is done in continuous rounds, so mark your first stitch and move the marker up as you go. I find it easier to use a bobby pin for my stitch marker, but anything will work, including a scrap piece of yarn. I have also used the magic ring on this pattern, but if you prefer, you can use a ch 2 then sc the specified number of stitches in the second ch from hook ( the 1st ch)

The eyes are made from plastic canvas, the count doesn’t really matter, as long as you can get your tapestry needle through the holes! I have writen a guide for them, but play around a bit and try giving him different expressions. Have fun with the eyes! They are, after all, the windows to the soul.,  🙂

The Pattern


 using pink yarn,

1) sc 6 in  magic ring- 6 st

2) inc around- 12

3) (sc 1, inc) around – 18

4) (sc 2, inc) around -24

5) (sc 3, inc) around -30

6) (sc 4, inc) around – 36

7) (sc 5, inc) around – 42

8-13)  sc around –  42

14)  (sc 5 , dec) around – 36

15)  ( sc 4, dec) around – 30

16)  (sc 3, dec) around – 24

17)  (sc 2, dec) around – 18

18)  (sc 1 dec) around – 12  sl st in beginning sc to join, fasten off. Stuff head.



 using pink yarn,

1) sc 6 in magic ring – 6

2) inc around – 12

3)  (sc 1, inc) around – 18

4)  ( sc 2, inc) around – 24

5)  ( sc 3, inc) around – 30

6-11)  sc around – 30

12)  (sc 3, dec) around – 24

13)  sc around – 24

14)  (sc 2, dec) around – 18

15)  sc around – 18

16)  (sc1, dec) around – 12

17-20)  sc around – 12   sl st in beginning sc to join. Fasten off, leaving a long tail for sewing. Stuff body.



 make 2 using pink yarn

1)  sc 4 in magic ring – 4

2)  inc around – 8

3)  (sc 1, inc) around – 12

4-7)  sc around – 12      sl st in beginning sc to join. Fasten off, leaving a tail for sewing. Do Not stuff. Flatten feet and sew last round of stitches together.



make 2 using pink yarn

1)  sc 4 in magic ring – 4

2)  inc around – 8

3-5) sc around – 8    sl st in beginning sc to join. Fasten off, leaving a tail for sewing. Do Not stuff. Flatten arms and sew last round of stitches together.



make 2 using pink and yellow yarn

1) with yellow,  sc 5 in magic ring – 5

2) inc around – 10

3)  (sc 1, inc) around – 15    change to pink in last stitch

4)  in back loop only, sc around – 15

5-7) in both loops, sc around – 15

8)  (sc 1, dec) around – 10   Stuff.

9)  dec around – 5

10)  sc around -5     Fasten off, leaving a tail for sewing.



cut 2 pieces of plastic canvas aprroximately the size of a nickel. Using black yarn, embroider the eyes so that no plastic canvas is showing. you can use whatever type of stitch you want on this, but I used a slanted straight stitch. Then using pink yarn, go around the outside of the eyes with a whipstitch.  This takes a bit of patience because it is a little harder getting the yarn and needle to go throught the canvas.



Sew body to head, going around twice to make sure his head doesn’t flop around. Sew arms to side of body, using photo as a guide. Sew feet to bottom of body, using photo as a guide. Sew antenae to top of head. Cut a piece of white felt, about the size of a quarter, (you can play around on this part depending on the size of the finished eyes) Glue the felt to Boo’s head, and glue the eyes on top of the felt. Using black yarn, embroider mouth….. and you have your own Boo!   Enjoy!


Please note, this is my original pattern, and may not be reposted.. Please do not sell the pattern, or the finished Boo, and do not claim it as your own. Thank you 🙂

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