Bobbllions in the Air

After I settled in to my window seat on the first leg of my flight to the home office, I pulled out my daughter's version of the Ocean Pearls Cardigan, which we're working on over the in Crochet-Along. After I'd done a row or so, a voice next to me said, "I"m trying to figure out what you're doing there. I know the double crochet, but what's that other thing?" That other thing was the bobbllion, as Susan Gartzke has dubbed it. I showed how to do it, to murmurs and ahs. Then we all went about our airplane-seat business.

After a little while, I said, "Would you like to do that bobble yourself?"


So I handed over the sweater.

And here is Rob McAlister getting it done. Rob's grandmother taught him to crochet when he was 9 or so, he said. "It was something to do when it was too hot, you know?"

And he sure can do it. Look:

That hook is a blur as he whizzes through the double crochets. Then he slows a bit to start the bobbllion:

He gets it. But it's tricky at first, as you know if you're crocheting this sweater. And this is what happens to that first bobbllion:

Can you hear that little frog: Rip-it

But Rob, who recently taught his 12-year-old daughter Abigail how to crochet, is no quitter. After a few more yarn-overs, he is there:

And the bobbllion is complete. It and Rob's several double crochets are now a part of the sweater. And he can go home and teach Abby how to do it. Love how that all happens.

Hope your crochet is flying along!



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