Blog Series: Lift-off!

If you're on the Crochet me Email Newsletter mailing list, you've heard us mention an upcoming blog series on… blogging over the last couple of months. Well, here it is! Without further ado, I humbly launch the Blog Series (*birds sing and drums beat and cymbals crash*).

I tend to think in Q and A format, so I'll just go with it:

What's the Blog Series for, anyway?

Good of you to ask. The Blog Series (let's call it BS for short, shall we? No, that's not a joke) is our effort to provide you with heaps and tons of information about how to keep a blog and what blogging's all about.

So, What's a Blog?

You're reading one! The term blog is short for "web log," and it's an online journal, of sorts. Using simple software (that's very inexpensive or even free), people write blogs to share their thoughts and experiences related to their hobbies, political convictions, families, or life in general. In this BS, we'll be talking about crochet blogs in particular (or crafts blogs if you feel like extrapolating). Wouldn't it be great to have your own special place to write anything you want about crochet, share photos of your works-in-progress and finished objects, and receive comments from other people? Just think of the possibilities! It's exciting, to say the least.

Why Are You Trying to Convince Me to Start a Crochet Blog?

Because we like crochet blogs and we want you to make more of them for our own selfish enjoyment.

No, not really. What we really want to do is help build a fantastically active online crochet community. Blogs provide a totally different way to express yourself than you get on forums and message boards or email. You can personalize your blog completely, encounter new and interesting people, make friends with some of them, and just generally find all sorts of new ways to enjoy crocheting.

How Often Will You Post Articles on the the BS

Look for new BS posts every Monday (unless you're told otherwise). We'll keep the series going for as long as it takes us to feel satisfied that we've converted all of you presented all of the information we think is important. There will be guest bloggers, nifty doo-dads, and everything.

We're going to leave it at that today. We know that although some of you read blogs or even have one of your own, many of you just learned the word and need to spend some time letting it roll off your tongue. We'll be back next week with some more substantive information.

Over the course of the BS we'll cover everything — what you need to start a blog and where you can get it; the basics regarding the technical info that will make even computer-phobes comfortable maintaining a blog; using images; writing good posts; nifty add-ons you can use to make your blog stupifyingly awesome; commenting; and more!

For now, play around this blog for a while and see what it offers. Check out the archives and surf through categories (on the left-hand sidebar), poke around the comments people have left on previous posts, and check out the Crochet Blogs Web Ring to find tons more crochet blogs to read and love.

Finally, let us know if you have any specific questions about blogs that you'd like us to answer in the BS. Go ahead and leave a comment (click that link over there on the right and then scroll down to the form), email us, or make a post on the forum thread we started.

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