Blasted By The Past

There are longer, better blog posts in the wings — hopefully for the weekend. But for now, I simply have to share.

Remember when I got back in touch with a middle school friend after I read her comment on the Yarn Harlot's blog? That was pretty amazing.

Two weeks ago I joined a site just as me — not as an author or as Crochet Me. It's a big change for me to interact with my home-friends online after so many years of interacting pretty much only with crochet friends (an exception being through Flickr, which — maybe because it started here in Vancouver? — has always seemed like a very natural match for all the aspects of my life). Anyway.

Today I got back in touch with an old friend I haven't spoken to in over five years. Back in the summer of 1991, she taught me how to crochet for the first time. 

I'm so loving the internet right now.

Also, the Crochet Me book is going to the printer tomorrow. (Huge shout-out to Julie, for some hefty tech editing mojo these last couple of weeks.)

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