Bird's Nest Bowl Set


Tamara Kelly


Kids have the funniest requests sometimes! My youngest was given a Beanie Baby Pelican recently, and just fell in love. Within the day he was insisting I make his new pal a nest. And every day until I got the chance to make it, he complained how very exhausted the bird was getting, without a chance to sleep! Finally, I made one… and then I couldn’t resist making a few more!

I whipped up a set of these bowls in just an evening, and in three sizes that “nest” together they’re good for lots more than stuffed animal sleeping quarters! They’ve got flat bottoms so they don’t tip over, and made with super chunky yarn they’re very nearly instant gratification. Simple stitches, with textured sides to keep them interesting (and dare I say “nest-ish”?), they make a great gift, are a fun way to organize all that clutter, and add a pop of color wherever they go.

Materials List

  • 150 yards super bulky yarn (Hometown USA shown)
  • US-M/N, 9.00mm hook, or US-L, 8.00mm if needed to produce firm fabric
  • Yarn needle for thick yarn (regular yarn needles just can’t handle the thick stuff!)

Finished Size

Small Bowl: 5″ diameter

Medium Bowl: 6″ diameter

Large Bowl: 7″ diameter

The Pattern

For full pattern written instructions and more photos, visit moogly’s Bird’s Nest Bowl Set. Thank you! 🙂

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