Big-Time Media Round-Up

There's been lots going on chez Werker these days. Mostly, it's because I've begun my two-month-long merry-go-round of in-and-out-of-townness. (I might break my own lofty hyphenation record with this post.)

I'm going to catch up with a list. Broken down by, you guessed it, media type—in no particular order.


I was on the Webs Ready Set Knit 'cast on Saturday. Oh, I love me Kathy and Steve. They're so much fun. I talked about the book, and about coming to Webs this Sunday for the huge US book launch and about Interweave Crochet and about crochet in general.


In all my years playing on the internets, I have never, not once, uploaded a video. Well, all that is going to change. Next week, most likely. You see, I have taken advantage of the strong Canadian dollar by purchasing a wee camcorder that's only for sale in the US (thanks to my parents for accepting the package that I'll pick up this weekend, right before the Webs event). And you know what that means? That means I've already convinced Mr Crochet Me to man the camera at the event (that's right, kids, he'll be there). And I'm all ready to fire up iMovie to edit it down into some highly entertaining web video footage that I'll post right here on these internets for your crochet enjoyment.

And speaking of the BIG LAUNCH this weekend, remember that if you're not near Northampton, MA, you might be near Seattle, Cleveland, Detroit, or Baltimore — get thee to a launch event!


I just picked up a copy each of Knit Knit, Amigurumi: Super Happy Crochet Cute, and Kaffe Fassett's Kaleidoscope of Quilts. All fabulously inspiring, which is why I got them. Knit Knit simply rocks; I am longing for a full afternoon to sit and read it cover-to-cover. Amigurumi is full of Elisabeth Doherty's designs, so of course it's amazing. I wish they used stitch symbol diagrams, though. And quilting; oh, how I dream of thee. This book is eye candy and brain candy in equal parts.

As for other books, I'm almost finished (finally) with Animal, Vegetable, MIracle, by Barbara Kingsolver, which is an excellent and personal look into growing food and eating locally. My travel companion of late is Deep Economy, by Bill McKibben; it's a fascinating examination of why it's enormously important to focus our energies on building our local (rather than global) economies. Also, I'm reading The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak, which is a pretty incredible YA book.


Have you heard the new Bruce Springsteen cd? Um. AWESOME.


I'm trying to cut back. This is easy, since I'm out of town so much and when I'm in town I'm crazy busy. But I just love me some Heroes, and Pushing Daisies is delightful. Something that truly makes me hate traveling, though, is CNN. I spend a lot of time in airports and hotels, and it's like a constant stream of unimportant "news" in a never-ending cycle of repetition and sensationalism. It hurts my brain, and then it hurts my heart, and then I spiral downward into a melodramatic fit of world-citizen-identity-crisis and rage. Seriously, if you ever bump into me in an airport, avoid me. I'm constantly grumpy, and it's not because of airports or airlines or having a middle seat. It's because of CNN.


I've been bouncing between web browsers, comparing and contrasting. Although I still lean toward Firefox (possibly because it's so familiar and also because it has great developer tools), I see lovely features in both the new Safari 3 and in Flock. Mac users know about Safari (it's Mac-only). It's the fastest, by far. And it has a lovely, lovely interface. You might not know about Flock. It's still in heavy development (version 1.0 hasn't been released yet), but it's different from any other browser I've used. It integrates with all sorts of media (images, video, etc.), is inclined toward blogging (I'm testing out this feature by writing this very post in Flock's blog editor [so far so good]), and is just plain nifty. Try it out, if you like such things.

On the other hand, however, is Internet Explorer. In a mad display of curling my lip and staring down the faces of those who might disagree, I'm giving up on this behemoth of a TERRIBLE browser. And it's not because I use a Mac. It's because IE is bad bad bad for websites. You'll notice, if you use IE (and chances are you do, since 68.74% of visitors use some version of IE), that the box in the top-right of this site displays badly for you. The nice rounded corners don't line up correctly, and some of the links are hidden behind other content. Well, I'm not going to change it. The reason it doesn't display well in IE is that IE doesn't display it well. That it looks good in the other browsers is indication of this. The other browsers are correct, and IE is wrong. And I have way better things to do with my limited time than try to make IE play nice. Web designers everywhere might faint at my bad attitude. But I don't care. The site works fine on all browsers. If it were broken, I'd fix it. But it's not. And so I'm moving on.

So, in sum. If you use IE, you shouldn't. Download Firefox for free. It's better, it's more secure, and it'll display correctly.

And that's it. In the very early AM of tomorrow, I'll be heading off to the Sewing Expo outside of Chicago (come say hi!), and then Webs Webs Webs!

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