Beyond Hats: Crochet Gift Ideas

Gift giving season is right around the corner, and I am knee deep in my favorite part-picking the perfect pattern and yarn for each gift recipient. I know there will be moments of stress as I race the clock to finish the last few gifts, but I love the exhilaration of giving the perfect crochet gift.

Crochet Bag  
Thundersnow Bag by Linda Permann  

Choosing the right crochet pattern for each person can be difficult. The project generally needs to be fast, relatively easy, and something the recipient will use. Sized garments  can be too big or difficult to fit. My standby gifts are usually hats and scarves, but what about those friends and family who live in warm climates or who already have an enviable collection of handmade hats and scarves from past years.

When you are not sure of sizing or need a gift for someone who does not wear hats and scarves, my favorite project is a stunning bag. The Thundersnow Bag by Linda Permann is a great option. Worked flat in two identical circular pieces, this fast worsted-weight crochet bag has fabulous texture and interest. This will be one of those gifts I have a hard time gifting. Maybe I'll get yarn for two.

  Crochet Socks
  Red Twig Knee Socks by Patsy Harbor

Another great non-traditional gift idea is a pair of crochet socks. The Red Twig Knee Socks by Patsy Harbor are one of my favorites. These socks would be stunning and fashion forward in a variety of bright yarn combinations. Plus with the knee high sock height will showcases the crochet stitches.

Whether you are crocheting hats, scarfs, bags, socks, or sweaters this year, you will find hundreds of great pattern ideas in the Crochet Me Shop. Download your perfect patterns today and begin the exciting adventure of gift crocheting.

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P. S. In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness week, through tomorrow, October 5th, any purchase you make will create an additional gift. Thirty percent of this week's proceeds will go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.


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