Betty’s Tunisian Tee: The First Body Block

As a child I loved snow days. The world was white and fresh. Schools were closed, and we spent the day indoors crafting and playing. I learned last Wednesday that snow days can be just as much fun as an adult as they were in 3rd grade.

On Wednesday Colorado was hit by a severe fall storm. Almost a foot of heavy wet snow fell, piling their weight on trees that had not yet dropped their leaves and snapping thousands of limbs, many of which fell on power lines. With the electricity out at work and home, I turned to my favorite craft.

After several relaxing hours without the interruption of technology, I had made a solid start on the first body block. This is a picture of the front of my sweater. You can see the front base triangle and the first body block being worked along the side of the triangle.

  To work the body block, insert the hook from the front to the back in the next single crochet along the edge of the second base triangle.
  Pull up a loop and leave this loop on the hook.
  Then work across the edge of the first base triangle. When you work the return pass, remember to work a regular return pass-yarning over and drawing through one loop on the first stitch and then yarning over and drawing through two loops.

When you have three loops on the hook, yarn over and draw through all three loops. This will create what looks like a raised chain stitch along the body block edge nearest the second base triangle. Repeat this stitch pattern until you have worked into each stitch of the second base triangle.

Like the base triangles, this step of Betty's Tunisian Tee is relaxing and more than mildly addicting. I'm looking forward to the next snowstorm of the year. Maybe I can spend a few more hours quietly crocheting away from the distraction of internet, TV, and phones.

Best wishes,

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