Bette Bow Collar: Wear This Collar All the Ways

Bette Bow Collar by Shelby Allaho from Interweave Crochet, Fall 2014.
Isn't the Bette Bow Collar darling?! I do love it styled as shown in the picture, but did you know that it is asymmetrical? The shape allows you to wear it different ways for different looks! See below for an aerial view of the collar.
First up, we have it styled as in the magazine photo above. With the shorter edges in the front and the button in the back, it creates a modest Peter Pan collar. 
Rotate the collar 90 degrees to your left and you have an asymmetrical bow for a more daring look.
Keep rotating another 90 degrees and you will have the larger points in front for a more dramatic Peter Pan collar style. 
And one more 90 degree rotation will but the asymmetrical bow back in place, with the exaggerated side switched. 

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