School’s Out, but Don’t Miss These “Best in Class” Crochet Workshops

Summertime means the kids are out of school, but summertime can also be the perfect time for adults to get back in the classroom. If you plan on taking a “staycation” this year, why not brush up on your crafty skills with these fabulous crochet workshops?

Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby (affiliate link) is a master at couture-level crochet. In his comprehensive workshop Crochet Garment Design, he explains the fundamentals of design, whether you want to alter a pattern to suit your needs or create one from scratch. Learn why gauge is the force behind how your fabric behaves. Understand what a garment schematic is really telling you. Want to alter that schematic with shaping? Learn how (and when and why) with his Magic Shaping Formula. This mega-workshop is a tour-de-force, with over 6 hours of intense, expert, and entertaining instruction.

Prepare your pieces before you sew them, for flawless results.

Maybe you are comfortable enough crocheting a project. If you really want to make it shine, however, proper finishing is a must. In Shannon’s workshop Crochet Finishing Techniques, learn how to block your fabric into perfection, sew invisible seams, and set in sleeves like a master tailor. You’ll even learn how to add zippers! In the end, you will have garments that impress with their refinement and get you tons of compliments.

Maybe you have the basics down, but don’t feel ready to work garments. If that’s the case, Crochet Ribbing 7 Ways is a great way to stretch your crochet brain. You’ll be amazed by what you can do with some very simple stitches.

Purchase any of Shannon’s streaming workshops and you can download the videos to keep forever.

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