Berry Bags


Baerbel Born


I want to decorate my kitchen with strawberries. That´s why I needed a berry-like grocery bag. Here it is, one of my very first patterns

Materials List

Yarn: Schachenmayr, nomotta, “Catania“, Llg. 125 Meter/ 50 Gramm

50 gram red, 100 gram green

hook: size 3,5 (european size)

Finished Size

as you wish, netting will stretch


no gauge needed, make bag as big as you want (keep in mind it will stretch a lot)


sc=single crochet
dc=double crochet

tc=triple crochet

The Pattern

Bottom (red):
4 ch, with sl in first ch make a ring
Begin every round with 3 ch instead of first dc and end with sl in 3nd ch of round
round 1: 3 ch , 12 dc in ring,
round 2: work in dc, in every 2nd dc of round 1 make 2 dc.
round 3: work in dc, in every 3rd dc of round 2 make 2 dc.
round 4: from round 4 to 9 increase dc by making 2 dc in 4th, 5th … dc of round before (easy, eh?)

round 10: dc in every stitch with no increases.

“leaves” (green):

(the leaves are optional, if you don’t like them continue with “bag”)

round 1: *10 ch, make sl in 5th dc of round 10*, repeat * to *

round 2: around every ch-loop of round 1 make: 1 sc, 3 dc, 3 tc, 3 dc, 1 sc

(For the orange version of the bags I made 2 rounds like round 1, that gives a more fuzzy effect)

Bag (green):
round 1:
Make the “tunnel” for the draw string:
3 ch (for 1st dc), *1 dc in 2nd dc of round 10 of bottom (the 2 rounds of the “leaves“ are not continued any further!), 1 ch*, Repeat from * to *
round 2: 3 ch (for 1st dc), 5 ch, 1 sc around next ch of round below, *5 ch, 1 sc into second dc of round below, 5 ch, 1 sc second dc of round below*, repeat from * to *.

Repeat Row 2 until bag is the desired size: Around each ch-loop work one sc followed by 5 ch, 5 ch, 1 sc, and so on.

The bag will be very stretchy, so you only need to make a bag with 2/3 of desired size.

If you want to get a bigger bag, work 7 ch instead of the 5 ch loops.


round 1(green) : 3 ch (for 1st dc), *2 dc around ch-loop, 1 dc into sc of round before*, repeat from *to*, finish round with sl into 3rd ch of beginning.

Leaves on top (green) (these are optional, if you don´t want leaves on top, continue with round 2 of edge:)

round 1 leaves: 8 ch, 1 sl in 4th sc of round below, repeat

round 2 leaves: around each ch-loop work 1sc, 3 dc, 4 tc, 3dc, 1sc

(or work a second round like round 1 for fuzzy effect)

Continue working next round into first round of edge ( in red)
If there is already a stitch in the round below (from the leaves), work second stitch in same stitch:
round 2: 3 ch, 1 dc in each sc of round below, finish round with sl in 3rd ch of beginning

round 3-4: 3 ch, 1 dc in each dc of round below, finish round with sl in 3rd ch of beginning

Handles (red):
Lay bag flat to half, 4 centimeter from right edge work 5 sc on upper edge, continue in rows until desired length, fix handle 4 centimeter from left edge.

Work second handle the same way

Make a draw string: Make a ch ribbon 80 centimeter long and work sl over the complete length. Pull thread through the “tunnel” of round 1 bag. Attach a Drawstring Slide, available at a Notions Counter or Fabric Store

I have translated this pretty easy pattern as good as I could.. If anything is not clear or wrong, please feel free to contact me and leave a comment. I enjoy postive feedback as well 😉





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