Benefits of One-Skein Patterns

I'm very excited to introduce you to our newest digital eBook, One-Skein Crochet Projects. Why am I so thrilled? I love single-skein projects. In fact, the majority of the pieces I crochet are created with one skein or, for colorwork projects, two partial skeins. There are several reason why I am a proponent of single-skein projects.



Single-skein projects are little. This makes them quick and frequently the perfect travel project or gift. These patterns are also frequently accessories. Accessories are my favorite gifts because you don't have to worry about sizing. And for those of us with more WIP than we would like to admit, these fast projects are more likely to be finished-just be careful of that single-sock syndrome.  

  Cables and Lace Broomstick Hat

Learning Opportunity

As we have discussed, single-skein projects are little. This size gives you're the perfect opportunity to try a new crochet technique. Fascinated by broomstick lace? Try the Cables and Lace Broomstick Hat. You will have the opportunity to explore broomstick lace construction without being tied to the yardage of a sweater or afghan.


Diamond Lace Socks  


Perhaps most importantly, single-skein projects are cost efficient. One skein of yarn is often affordable when a sweater's worth would break the bank. This is also the perfect opportunity to create a luxury piece. The Diamond Lace Socks are shown in Kollage Sock-A-Licious which is a blend of superwash merino wool, silk, and nylon. It is a luxurious yarn, and you are more likely to be able to treat yourself if you only need a single skein.

Single-skein projects are fast, affordable, and the perfect learning opportunity. Download One-Skein Projects for five of our favorite single-skein projects.

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P.S. Do you make more single-skein or multi-skein projects?

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