How to Get on Better Terms with Crochet

Though I’ve been knitting for many years, crochet is a recent thing for me. I’ve learned all the crochet terms and made a bunch of little oblongs in single, double, and half double crochet, but I was still feeling stuck. I’m not ready for a full-on crochet project, but I do want to learn some more advanced crochet stitches to inspire me Thankfully, I have our newest crochet course, Beyond Beginning Crochet with Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby to help me. It’s specifically for beginners who want to take the next step. Below are just a few helpful tips I picked up the first time I watched.

Increase your knowledge by learning increases and decreases. Not only does working increases and decreases make your project wider or narrower (duh), but also it allows you to make a whole lot of pretty stitches. I had no idea shells and fans were so easy until I did them or how fun it is to make their 3-D cousins, bobbles and popcorn and puffs. Oh my!

beginning crochet

Mix it up. I know most crochet stitches can be worked in single, double, and treble crochet. What I didn’t realize was combining them creates a whole bigger than the sum of its parts. Work v-stitch in alternating rows of single, double, and half double crochet for a fancy fabric that makes a beautiful crochet scarf.

beginning crochet

Chevron and on.The crochet chevron is perhaps the most iconic crochet stitch there is. Learn this, and an afghan is just around the corner. Or a scarf if you prefer.

These are just a few things I learned the first time I watched the course, and I’ll watch it again to learn more. In addition to Shannon’s excellent on-screen demonstration, we’ve included a lot of additional materials, including written instructions, practice swatches, and even 2 bonus patterns from Interweave Crochet.

Beyond Beginning Crochet with Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby is a new streamable course you can watch at your own pace, anywhere, any time, on any device.


Check out Beyond Beginning Crochet with Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby, and start stitching today.

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