Becky Kate’s Hat & Scarf set

I made this for my Daughter, Becky Kate this winter.  It's open and feminine enought that she loves to wear it and it keeps her warm enought that I don't have to worry about her getting cold!  The scarf pattern came from "Learn a Stitch, Create a Scarf", Mary Nolfi, Leasure Arts.  The Hat from "Cool Crochedted Hats", Linda Kopp, Lark Books.  So they really weren't a "set" until I put them together.  Becky Kate wanted a cream hat but I worked the puff stiches in the same varigated yarn that I worked into the scarf.  I thought it would tie better together.  Also, I put tassles on the scarf, the original pattern calls for crocheted circles but she didn't like the look as much…so we adapted.   She loves having a one of a kind set.  She gets compliments on it and loves saying "My momma made it for me!".  (I love that too!)

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