Beautiful Mosaic Crochet Afghans

Even as the temperatures continue to swell into the 90s, and we scramble to fit one more mini-vacation in this summer, meteorologists are predicting a colder-than-average winter for many areas throughout the world. I guess that means I will need to start another crocheted afghan. The thought brings a smile to my face.

This is the perfect opportunity to improve my mosaic crochet skills. Mosaic crochet, like mosaic knitting, mimics the intricate patterns created with inlaid tiles, and like those tiles, mosaic crochet allows you to use two or more colors in stunning combination.

If you have never tried mosaic crochet, an afghan is an ideal first project, and Lily Chin's Mosaic Magic is the perfect pattern book. With afghans, you don't have to worry about fit, and there will be plenty of rows to practice this new technique on. And mosaic crochet is much easier than it may first appear.

  You only work with one color on one row at a time. The patterning is created through long stitches worked in or around stitches from previous rows. Unlike with many colorwork techniques, you don't have to keep track of two or more balls that insist on twisting around each other as you work. 

Each of the over 40 afghan patterns also includes a stitch multiple that can be used to alter the afghan size easily. You can use these same stitch patterns to make baby blankets, scarves, and pillows.

Bramble Berries is at the top of my queue. This pattern uses long double crochets to create V-stitches over a striped background. While the original was made using chenille, I think I'll substitute a warm superwash wool and use the 12 stitch multiple information to shrink the finished size to a perfect lap blanket.

Join me in learning this beautifully intricate new technique and prepare for cooler weather with more gorgeous afghans. Order Lily Chin's Mosaic Magic: Afghans Made Easy and create a beautiful crocheted afghan today. And for more mosaic crochet guidance, you can also order DVD Mosaic Crochet with Lily Chin. For a limited time, you can purchase both the DVD and the book and save.

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