Beat the Labor Day Blues

Labor Day makes me sweat. And not just because I'm in North Carolina in August.

It makes me sweat because it means Summer Is Over!! How is that possible? I haven't been to the beach, I didn't finish that afghan, I didn't frolic in a field of sunflowers. All the things. 

When I get sweaty-anxious like that, I turn to my immediate surroundings and look to see how I can make it better. That means clearing some clutter, so I can start autumn with a shiny desk and sharp pencils (just like going back to school). I assess the yarn that has gathered in piles and consider how it can be converted to presents (another situation that makes me sweaty).

Do you feel this same way about Labor Day? If so, I've taken the liberty of gathering up some tools that may help you feng shui your world.

Here are some things to know about these tools:

All of them will help you bust your stash.

They're all downloads, so they won't add to the clutter AND you can get them right away.

They're all ON SALE!


Kathy Merrick is brilliant with fiber and color. She'll help you turn those odds bits into glorious projects in her Colorful Crochet Workshop video download.
And if you're digging that, you Must Have Kathy's incomparable Babette Blanket pattern.
If you have a couple of balls of sock yarn rolling around, you'll also want the pattern for Kathy's Boteh Scarf.
If you start feeling guilty about filling your cart with things for yourself, try a stash-busting version of Yo-Yo Cardigan by Annie Modesitt, another designer with a marvelous eye for color.
Oh yeah, lots of stash-busters here ….
and here.
For a more "thinky" version of stash-busting, try your hand at the many mosaic crochet combinations in Lily Chin's Mosaic Crochet video download.
And for the cutest stash-busting, head to the amigrumi collection.
To start cutting into that gift list, try these One-Skein Crochet Projects (note that the projects are geared to one skein of the yarns used for the projects — you might need more than one skein of stash yarn).
And if you just can't bear to let summer go, go ahead and crochet up these Cornhole Beanbags. There'll be time to use them before it gets cold.
The mitts on the cover of It Girl Crochet would be pretty fabulous in a rainbow of stash yarn. Just sayin'.

And if you're not at all dismayed by the fact that IT'S THE END OF SUMMER and your stash is under control and you don't have any decluttering to do — well, then maybe you'd like to learn about Clones crochet or some such. Head on over to the store—because we all love crochet and we all love to save money on crochet patterns and instructions. In addition to a bonanza of patterns on sale, you'll find print books, if you'd rather, as well as DVDs.

Now, gotta go. A stash pile awaits.

Happy crocheting!

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