Beaded Crown / Hoop Crochet Earrings


Cynthia June Rupp Luciene


These earrings are made with a pair of purchased hoops, size 10 crochet thread and a steel hook.  Beads are strung before beginning work.  They go great with any attire but I like to dress up my jeans and tee-shirt look with them.  They also look great with a bikini top and skirt.  My daughter (she’s nineteen) has commissioned me to make a pair for her and a friend of hers so I guess they are “cool”.  lol)

Materials List

1 partial ball variegated size 10 crochet thread
1 pair 1″ diameter hoop earrings (silvertone)
steel crochet hook size 7
60 clear glass beads  60 gm, 12/0 (or any size you prefer as these were pretty time consuming to string on this thread)


  • Be sure to string your beads onto the thread before beginning your work.  Beads are optional.
  • The word “BEAD” proceeding any stitch means to add a bead to that stitch just before the first YO
  • Follow the link for more detailed pattern instructions and a photo tutorial on how to crochet onto the hoop earrings.


  • Special Stitches
  • Bead Picot  3 bead ch, sl st in first bead ch

  • Bead Triple Picot  3 bead picot in a row, sl st to very first bead ch of first picot (makes three picots together)

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

The Pattern

Row 1:    After stringing beads onto thread, attach thread to hoop with sc, 19 sc onto hoop (keep stitches tight)
ch1, turn (20 sc)

Row 2:  (working in front loop only of sc row): skip 4 sc, bead dc in 5th sc, ch 1, *bead dc, ch 1.  Repeat from * across until four sc remaining from row 1. ch 2 more, sl st to last st on row 1.  (11 bead dc)

Row 3:   ch 3, turn.   sc in first ch 3 loop, *ch 3, skip dc, sc in ch 1, .  Repeat from * until there are 7 ch 3 loops. ch 3, sc in ch 3 loop from row 1; ch 3,  turn.

Row 4:   bead sc in first ch 3 loop,  * ch 3, 3 bead dc in next loop, ch 3, bead sc in next loop.  Repeat from * one more time, ch 3, 3 bead dc in next loop, ch 1, bead sc in last.  ch 3, turn.

Row 5:    sc in ch 3 loop, ch 1,  skip first dc, sc in next dc.  *ch 3, sc in top of next ch 3 loop; repeat from * once.  ch 1, bead triple picot; ch 1, sc in next ch 3 loop, ch 3, sc in next ch 3 loop,  ch 3 sc in middle dc of beaded dc cluster, ch 1, sc in ch 3 loop, ch 1, sc in last ch 3 loop.  Ch 3, turn.

Row 6:   skip 1st ch 3 loop, bead sc in sc, ch 3 bead tr in next loop, bead picot, ch 3, bead sc in next loop.
ch 2, bead ch, ch 2, bead ch, ch 2, bead picot, ch 2, bead ch, ch 2, bead ch, ch 2.
skip triple picot, bead sc in next ch 3 loop.
ch 5, bead tr in next ch 3 loop, bead picot, sl st in top of same bead tr.
ch 5, bead sc in next ch 3 loop, ch 3, fasten off and weave in ends.

For sec0nd earring, be sure to hold hoop in hand the opposite way the first one was held to make sure the beading will be on the correct side.  If there are any beads (in ch st or picot) that are on the wrong side, just poke them through to the other side.  That worked for me.

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