Beaded Cell-Phone Case


Merri Purdy


This is a very easy cell phone case that can easily be modified to suit whatever size cell phone oyu have.

Materials List

Fiber: Country-merino wool blend from Caron yarns (small amounts of various colors; my colors are purple, black, teal, burgundy and green)

Size D crochet hook

Beads -22


Button 3/8”

The Pattern


This media case is worked in the “round” from the base up.

All sc are worked in both loops.

Media Case Body ~ Foundation Row: Chain 15

Row 1/Round 1: With purple,sc in 2nd chain from hook and in the next 12 chains, 2 sc in last chain (15 sc total). Turn piece 180 degrees and work along the back of the foundation chain in the EXACT same way, ending with 2 sc in last chain. (Total of 30 sc in each round)

Place a marker in the last sc and move up as you complete each round.  I did not “join” the last stitch to the beginning, however, just continued to sc right into the first stitch in round 2.

Row 2/Round 2 – 3: Continue to sc in both loops of each stitch of each round, moving the marker up as you complete the last stitch of the round. Change colors at the end of round 3 by drawing up a loop in the last stitch of the round with the new color, cut the previous color and crochet over the tail of the pervious color as you work the next round.

Continue to work “in the round,” changing colors as you desire until your cell phone can slide into the case and be completely covered. (approximately  4 ¼  inches) My cell phone case is as follows:

Round 4 – 5: Work the same as round 2, but in black

Round 6 – 14: Work the same as round 2, but in teal

Round 15 – 19: Work the same as round 2, but in burgundy

Round 20 – 24: Work the same as round 2, but in green

Flap: At the end of the last round 24, chain 1 and turn

Row 1: Now working in rows, sc in next 15 stitches, chain 1, turn.

Row 2 – 4: sc in each stitch across (15 sc).

Row 5: – sc 2 together at beginning and end of each row (decrease made) (13 sc total), chain 1, turn.

Row 6: – sc 2 together at beginning and end of row (decrease made) (11 sc total), chain 1, turn.

Continue in this way until there are 3 stitches remaining, chain 1, turn.

Last Row: sc in first st, ss into 2nd stitch, chain 8, ss into same (2nd stitch – loop made), sc in last stitch, fasten off and weave in end.



Note: When making your slip knot, leave a few inches at the beginning to attach your star to the flap with later on.

Popcorn Stitch – work 5 dc in stitch indicated, remove hook from yarn, insert hook in first dc of the group, pull the dropped loop through, ch 1

Getting started: With teal (first popcorn) chain 6, join with a ss to form a ring, ch 3, work 4 dc in ring, remove hook from yarn, insert hook in top of ch 3, and back into dropped loop of 4th dc and pull through; 1st popcorn completed, ch 1

Continue: work 4 more popcorns, join to first popcorn with a ss and fasten off leaving a few inches of yarn to attach your star to the flap.


Beaded Tie (for looks only)

Thread a needle that small enough to slide your beads over and tie a knot after 3-4 inches.

Slide the black yarn (about 4 inches) through the thread loop. Slip your beads onto the needle and slide down over the yarn. You will need 22 beads in a complimentary color. Remove the needle.

Chain 2, slide 2 beads up close to the hook, chain 5

Slide 2 beads up close to the hook and chain 5. Continue in this manner until all beads have been “chained” into the tie. Ch 2, fasten off.


Fold the beaded tie in half and bring up through the center of the star so that the 2 beads are exposed. Sew into place.

Wrap the beaded tie around the 2 yarn strands of the star and tie it in place using a half knot.

Center the star on the front flap and pull each strand through a separate stitch to “anchor it” in place on the inside of the flap. Tie in place.

Center and sew your button, using your flap loop as a guide.

Enjoy your cell phone case!


© Merri Purdy 01/20/2010

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