Bead me up

OK, I'm heading back into the air tomorrow. Wish me & my crochet hook luck. I have on hand none of the fine tools you recommended, but I might be able to whip up a crochet chain to wear it.
And, yes, I could just tuck it into my crochet bag—which I did for the remainder of the flight on Sunday—but in coach, that means twisting your head upward like a flamingo whilst reaching down to tuck the crochet hook into the bag (or just whack your head on the seat in front of you). Then reversing the action to retrieve the hook.

I'm brewing up an idea for a nifty solution, though. I'll let you know when it's worked out.

Meanwhile, a peek at what I was doing a couple of weeks ago:

What's all that about? Find out in next week's CrochetMe More.

Back in touch soon.


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