Bead Crochet with the Beaded Box Stitch Shawl



I’ll let you in on a little secret. My absolute favorite outfit is a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. It can be a pair of comfy jeans, a studded and rhinestone bedecked pair of jeans, or a jean skirt, but pair that jean bottom with a t-shirt and I am happy and comfortable. To dress my outfits up, I am always looking for a great wrap, scarf, or cowl. That is why I love the Beaded Box Stitch Shawl by Lisa Gentry.

Ingenious squares create the fabric of this wrap. My favorite part is that this cool, geometric design is light enough to wear on warm summer days. A creative beaded border complements the pattern by extending the squares to the edge of the piece and providing a touch of sparkle and glamour. That sparkle comes from small crystal beads, and this beaded crochet is worked in a way you may not be as familiar with.

Rather than prestringing the beads, you work to the beaded stitch, remove the larger hook from the loop. Then, with smaller hook, pick up a bead, pick up the loop, and then slide the bead onto the loop and chain 1. After working the required number of beads into the stitch, you drop the smaller hook and reinsert the larger hook into the loop and continue with the pattern. This method of working bead crochet is great because you don’t have to worry about your yarn breaking and beads spilling across the floor—this happened to a good friend of mine, and we ended up crawling around on the coffee shop floor with tape, trying to find the tiny seed beads.


We have kitted this gorgeous shawl for you. You will receive 5 skeins of 55% Cotton, 16% Bamboo, 8% Silk, and 21% Elasitc Naylon yarn, Mill Hill Size 11 White/Cream: Crystal Beads in G00161, and a copy of Love of Crochet Summer 2015 with the Beaded Box Stitch Shawl pattern.
We have a limited supply, so order your Beaded Box Stitch Shawl Kit today!

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P.S. Share your tips for crocheting with beads in the comments. I’d especially love to hear your tips for organizing your beads.

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