Basic Multi-Coloured Cowl




Colour is absolutely AMAZING! I mean can you imagine a life without all it’s different shades of blues, purples, pinks and greens? It would be incredibly dull… Thankfully we’ve all been blessed with a bountiful array of beautiful colours that we can enjoy every single day!

So that’s my random thought of the day, which happened to inspire this project/pattern. These three colours were laying next to each other in my nest of yarns, and they looked so pretty together that of course I just HAD to crochet something!

Hope you all enjoy this pattern!

Materials List

What You’ll Need:
6.00 Crochet Hook
8ply Yarn {I used 3 different colours}
Wool/Tapestry Needle
These are the colours I used. 
{You can use different colours, and in any order at all}
Colour 1 ~ Ruby
Colour 2 ~ Eggshell White
Colour 3 ~ Sapphire Blue 

Finished Size

Roughly 35 inches around and 8 inches wide.

The Pattern

You can find the  free pattern here! ~

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