Basic Crochet Fingerless Mittens

Basic crochet fingerless mittens by Julia V.

A pair of simple fingerless crochet mittens I worked up as a last minute Christmas gift. I wrote down the pattern because I really liked how they turned out and I didn’t see anything like it around.

They are worked in an Aran weight yarn on a 5mm (H) hook, so they work up rather quickly. Use a solid color for a more classic look or use your favorite hand dyed yarn and make a stylish accessory.

Materials List

Multicolor mittens: Lana Grossa ‘Bingo Print’ (100% merino wool; 80m/87.5 yards – 50g): color 316, 2 balls.

Blue mittens: Fonty Numéro 5 (100% wool; 85m/93 yards – 50g; color 217; 2 balls).

Yarn Substitution: You need about 110 m (120 yards) of Aran weight yarn. I used about 70g of the Bingo Print for both mittens. If you buy 3 balls, you can make 2 pairs.

Other yarns I recommend (this list keeps growing as I make more mittens myself): Rowan RYC Cashsoft Aran, Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran

Hook: 5 mm (H)

Finished Size

One size fits most adult women. About 17 cm (6 ¾ inches) around.


18 sts / 14 rows sc tbl


The mittens are worked in a spiral without joining rounds. Place a marker in first st to mark beginning of round. All sts are worked through the back loop only.

Skills needed: crochet in the round, sc through the back loop, foundation sc.

The Pattern

Fingerless Crochet Mittens
Fsc 28: Join for working in the round with a sl st at bottom of first fsc being careful not to twist.

Rd 1: Sc tbl in first fsc, place marker, sc to end of round (28 sts).
Rds 2-10: Sc around.
Rd 11: Sc 1 more in last st of last round, sc 1 (= first st of round), sc 2 in next st, sc to end of round.
Rd 12: Sc without increasing.
Repeat last 2 rounds 4 more times (38 sts).
Next Rd: Work to 4 sts before marker, ch 3 (new beginning of round is the second of those 3 sts), skip 4 sts after marker (32 sts).

(Edited because people were having trouble with the last line: You skip 4 sts before the marker, then the marked st, then 4 sts after the marked st, you skip 9 sts in total.)

Work even for another 7 rounds or up to desired length, ending with a sl st in first st of round. Fasten off.

Rejoin yarn at thumb opening. Sc in all 9 thumb sts (that were previously on hold), sc 1 in each bottom of 3 ch sts. Continue working in the round for 3 rounds or up to desired length, ending with a sl st in first st of round.
Crochet fingerless gloves
Fasten off.

Weave in ends. Wash and block. Wear and enjoy.

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