Backstitch Seam (Crochet)

For backstitch seam, bring right sides of pieces together. Hold pieces in your hand with the 2 edges facing you and piece A closest to you. Work from right to left.

Step 1: Secure seaming yarn on wrong side of piece A at start of the seam. Pass needle through both pieces, from front to back in first stitch. Then bring needle back to front through the first stitch to the left.

Step 2: Pass needle to back, at the same spot worked in Step 1. Then bring needle to front in 2nd stitch to the left.

Step 3: Pass needle to back in first stitch to the right where the needle came through in previous stitch. Bring needle to front and 2nd stitch to the left.

Repeat Step 3 to complete seam. Secure end of seaming yarn.

Backstitch Seam

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