Inspire Your Hook – Crochet Class Is in Session

Sure you know how to crochet, but do you want to hone those skills, challenge yourself, and learn something new? This month, our new subscription service, Interweave Yarn & Fiber Workshops, goes live. For $9.99 a month, you can access our streaming yarn and fiber courses, any time, on any device. Interested in crochet? We have a bevy of courses that will educate and inspire.

Take a crochet class at your own pace with a subscription to Interweave's yarn and fiber workshops!

Color Pooling Perfection

Learn how to crochet argyle pattern, zigzags, and stripes galore in Deborah Bagley’s 2 courses. Color Pooling Crochet will show you how to master the argyle print and its cousin, the zigzag. Already adept at argyle? Further Explorations in Color Pooling Crochet: Stripes, Braids, & More teaches a wide variety of other color pooling patterns, and should inspire you to develop your own as well.

Progressions in Post Stitch

Want to explore post stitches? Look no further than these 2 courses.

Take a crochet class at your own pace with a subscription to Interweave's yarn and fiber workshops!

Crochet Ribbing 7 Ways: Megastar Shibaguyz designer Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby shows you how to create 7 different ribbings for your crochet projects. Single- or double-sided, stretchy or firm—these post stitch and blo ribbings add useful structure and cool design touches to projects. In addition to showing you how to work each stitch, Shannon discusses the best uses for each.

Crochet Post Stitches in Lace: This course from Robyn Chachula is a study of beauty-meets-brawn. Learn how post stitches function like tiny suspenders for your lace projects, preventing stretch and creep. If you’ve ever suffered that cute top growing into a schlumpy tunic after only 3 wears, this is the course for you!

Take a crochet class at your own pace with a subscription to Interweave's yarn and fiber workshops!

The Big Daddy-O of our crochet curriculum

AP Credit

Head to the top of the class with Crochet Garment Design. A blockbuster course from Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby, who discusses fashion, form, fit, function and how they all fit together into something FAB. Learn how to turn your design ideas into reality with this in-depth (and really fun) course.

Extra Credit

iCan Click is a great course from the other half of the Shibaguyz, Jason Mullet-Bowlsby. Want to share images of your work online, whether to sell or simply show off? Learn how a Smartphone camera is your best friend, a small-but-powerful tool you almost always have with you.

Interweave Yarn & Fiber Workshops are a great way to tackle new techniques without leaving the house. Watch videos from great instructors and access and download plenty of supporting material like charts, photos, and diagrams. Interact with other students via our chat boards, and post your finished assignments to a shared gallery so others can see your work. Whatever your skill level or interests, we have courses that will interest and inspire you to keep learning.


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