Back Post Half Double Crochet (BPHdc)

Back post half double crochet (BPHdc) how to article from Interweave.

Working around the front or the back of a post of the previous row gives an interesting raised ridge on the crochet fabric. Around-the-post crochet is worked by inserting the hook from the front or back and around the post of the stitch of the previous row. While the back post half double crochet (BPHdc) technique is commonly worked in double crochet, the same methods can apply to other crochet stitches.

For these instructions, we’re going to show you how to pick up and work around the back post in half double crochet.

Yarn over, insert hook from back to front to back around post of corresponding stitch below, yarn over and pull up loop, yarn over and draw through all 3 loops on hook.

Back post half double crochet is mainly used to create a ridge or ridges on crocheted fabric and can be used in many types of projects. You can also find instructions in Interweave’s crochet glossary for similar techniques including:

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