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Behold the Potholder
In anticipation of our upcoming (and BRAND new) issue of Crochet Home, I went in search of some vintage potholders. After perusing two local antique shops, I walked away with these beauties! Their spring colors are just fabulous, don't you think? It would be wonderful to see what sort of vintage crochet potholders, trivets, and home goods you have in your collection, we would love to see photos! Or, do you like to make new potholders from vintage patterns? Do you give the colors a modern makeover or leave them looking classic? Take a closer look at each of these potholders below!
This pansy potholder may be my favorite of the bunch! It's hard to tell from the photo but the floral motif in the center is very dimensional and layered. This pattern seems to be a bit non-traditional from what I have seen. I could imagine doing these in all sorts of colorful combinations.
Cute as a button, what a fun design this is! The pink and white with green accent and ribbon make this potholder just darling. This could be easily modernized by using tan and blue thread for an updated look.
Beautiful and traditional, this classic potholder could be made in a variety of color combinations but looks lovely in these green, pink, and white shades. Don't you just want to crochet up a dozen of these and decorate your kitchen? Or give them away as gifts? Oh the possibilities…
This starburst design has stolen my heart! Imagine doing these in all different combinations of sizes and atomic colors for a midcentury modern makeover for your kitchen or dining room.
Another classic floral pattern with a perfect spring palette. The flower is so layered, what fun it would be to make!
I saved this succulent beauty for last. Because of it's palette, this rose potholder didn't make it into the group shot for the Spring issue. However, it's absolutely stunning! What a perfect present for Christmas or Valentine's Day.

One more group shot of the Springtime potholders. Something to note, if you aren't familiar with these patterns and couldn't tell from the photos, is that each one is has a double layer. In other words, there is a back layer that is more plain, then a decorative top layer.

Please share your own vintage potholders with us!

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