Back Page Spring 2013: Beanie Bonanza, Part 3

In previous blogs, I told you the story behind the beanie on the Back Page of the Spring 2013 issue of Interweave Crochet. The first installment of beanies can be found here. In this third and final installment, nine crochet beanies show their stuff.

Note that, as with the crocheted beanies in Part 2, I was working from stash yarn, which can be anonymous or unavailable. Where possible, I've provided links. Also, not all the beanies follow a pattern precisely. Where possible, I've described the variations. Where the pattern is not available, I've made a note. Many of the available patterns are free downloads; just click on the name.

I hope the variations inspire you to crochet your own great beanies!

Pattern: Beaufort Beret/ freelance flower

Yarn: Lamb's Pride Worsted

Hook: P for hat; 8mm for flower

Notes: Three strands (one each of three colors) are held together for hat; two strands (one each of two colors) are held together for big ol' flower.

Pattern: Five-Spice Hat  by Dora Ohrenstein

Yarn: Bravo Big

Hook: P

Notes: Love this hat! Love the color, the yarn, the pattern. It took only 45 minutes to makes and it's machine washable.

Pattern: Acorn Cap by Dora Ohrenstein (variation)

Yarn: Lion Hometown USA

Hook: N

Notes: Hat is worked sl st blo only, instead of incorporating sl st flow as pattern directs.

Pattern: Beaufort Beret

Yarn: Anonymous

Hook: P

Note: I love this yarn. I wish I knew what it is—or rather, was, for it is certainly discontinued now. This crocheted beanie took only 20 minutes.

Pattern: Lace Cap by Kim Werker

Yarn: Cotton Classic Lite (colors 4725 & 4702)

Hook: E

Note: I actually made this cap a while back, whilst traveling. You can read about that here. I mentioned in a previous blog that I altered my mode of transport so that I no longer have long layovers (to wit: I now fly direct on Southwest whenever possible), which adds up to happier travel, but less crochet time. And also: It really is nice have a little stash of hats! This one teaches a thing or two about lace and interesting increases.



Pattern: Tahoe Hat

Yarn: Lamb's Pride Worsted

Hook: J

Note: This hook is a bit large for this yarn, as you can see by gappiness between stitches. But there's no such thing as a bad hat—it will be just right for someone.

Pattern: Freelance

Yarn: Lion Chenille Thick & Quick

Hook: /lost track of this info. It's big/

Note: Cray-wha? But, as it happens, I was making this in a coffeeshop near a gaggle of teen-agers. And they liked it.

Pattern: Acorn Cap by Dora Ohrenstein

Yarn: Lamb's Pride Bulky

: L

Note: You'll notice that Hedi (the mannequin) is not in this picture. This hat sits on her head like the hat on Mr. Potato-Head. But, reference above: no such thing as a bad hat. This will be great for a kid. But if you want to make it for a grown-up, use a bigger hook with this yarn.

Pattern: Acorn Cap by Dora Ohrenstein
Yarn: Lamb's Pride Worsted
Hook: N


Note: The ombre effect of this beanie (the one featured in the print issue) is achieved by using two strands held together, subbing out the lightest color for the next darkest every four rounds. For this hat, and several others, I used a very cool wood hook designed by Katherine Kowalski. If you're in the mood for a treat, check out her very awesome crochet hooks.

I can't wait to see the beanies you crochet! Share them in the Member Photo Gallery. And let us know about your favorite go-to beanie patterns in the comments below.

Happy crocheting!

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