Back Page Spring 2013: Beanie Bonanza, Part 2


Last week, I told you the story behind the beanie on the Back Page of the Spring 2013 issue of Interweave Crochet. Here's a closer look at some of those beanies.

Please note that I was working from stash yarn. Because of this, some yarn is no longer available. Some of it is not even identifiable. Where possible, I've provided links.

Also, in the course of my beanie-making frenzy, I sometimes deviated from the pattern or just invented something on the spot. Where possible, I've described the variations. Where the pattern is not available, I've made a note. Many of the available patterns are free downloads; just click on the name.

I apologize in advance for any frustration this causes in your own beanie-making ventures. My hope is that you'll find enough inspiration here to crochet beanies of your own design as well.


Pattern: Tahoe Hat

: Manos Maxima

: L

: This hat was super big when I finished it. So I gave it a whirl in the washer with hot water and a little soap. Now it's felted and fine to wear.

Pattern: Tahoe Hat

Yarn: Lamb's Pride Bulky and Manos Maxima

Hook: P

Note: This beanie also took a hot bath.

Pattern: Beaufort Beret

Yarn: Bravo Big

Hook: P

Note: I re-created this beret from the hat I got in Beaufort. It's speedy—only twenty minutes. I can't share the pattern I came up with, because it belongs to the original designer. But if you experiment with working between stitches, I bet you can come up with something similar that works. The exuberant flower is also a freeform design.

Pattern: Acorn Cap by Dora Ohrenstein (Variation)

Yarn: Lion Wool-Ease Thick n Quick Stripes (popsicle)

Hook: N

Note: I worked sl st blo all the way up, instead of incorporating sections of sl st flo as the pattern directs.

Pattern: Acorn Cap by Dora Ohrenstein (variation)

Yarn: Manos Maxima and Lion Wool-Ease Thick n Quick Stripes

: P

Note: For the body of the hat, I worked the alternating sl st blo / sl st flo pattern through the crown, rather than incorporating a strip of sl st blo as the pattern directs. The edging is a round of sc, then a round of rev sc.

Pattern: Freelance

Yarn: Lion Landscapes (discontinued)

Hook: K

Note: Freeform all the way, working with a sc / ch 1 set-up. It's more of a slouch than a beret, with three rounds of sc solid to hug the head.

Pattern: Hot Cross Slouch Beret by Jennifer Appleby

Yarn: Manos del Uruguay Serena

: G

: I blogged about this in the Well-Traveled Hat Series here and here.

Pattern: freelance

Yarn: A medley of stash: variegated plied with eyelash, Lion Homespun, Manos Maxima.

Hook: Q

Note: This is a sturdy cap with a bit of attitude. It ate up a lot of yarn pretty fast and makes a statement, for sure.

Pattern: Five-Spice Hat by Dora Ohrenstein

Yarn: Reynolds Smile (discontinued)

Hook: P

Note: It's too bad this yarn is discontinued. I love how this looks like a snow-covered mountaintop—just right for Colorado, its new home.

Pattern: Tahoe Hat

Yarn: Patons Classic Roving and Manos Maxima

Hook: K

: Well, here's a funny thing. This is not this hat. But it looks exactly like it.

Whew! There is the first installment of hats, to get you started. Come back next week for the third and final part of the Beanie Bonanza!

Happy Crocheting!


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