Back Loop Only for a Great Crochet Cowl

The hottest new trend in crochet is cowls. Lace, infinity, cabled, and colorwork cowls are everywhere, and the innovative designs created by crochet designers continue to enthrall me. Have you seen the Barber Pole Cowl by Jennifer Raymond? This incredible cowl, worked in spirals of colors, is great for men and women and makes a warm fashion statement.


The secret to this crochet cowl is the back loop only single crochet. This stitch gives the cowl a subtle texture, and more importantly, it provides the elasticity need to make this cowl stretchy enough to put on and take off comfortably but small enough in circumference to be warm.

Luckily the back loop single crochet (blo) is incredibly simple to work. And back loop stitches can be worked in any height. What makes a stitch a back loop stitch is where you insert the hook. It's fun for expert crocheters and learned quickly by beginners. Let's take a look at how to work a blo stitch.


At the top of your stitch, you will see two loops. For a normal single crochet stitch, you will insert your hook under both of these loops. For a back loop only single crochet, insert your hook under only the loop farthest from you-the back loop. Yarn over, pull up a loop, and work the stitch as normal. Easy isn't it?

Create your own gorgeous cowl with single crochet stitches through the back loop only and stranded colorwork. Download the Barber Pole Cowl Kit in your favorite colors today.

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