Baby Steps & Giant Leaps

Tomorrow I head out of town (again!), this time to sunny southern California. Although I'll miss being home (and I'll miss most of Mr Cme's birthday tomorrow – happy birthday!), I can't say I mind heading south to longer, sunnier days. If you're going to be at TNNA, say hi!

After the show, I'm going to bum around for a few days with Cecily, and I'm way stoked about that. We're working on another book (have I mentioned that before? We're in the home stretch now), and it'll also be cool just to hang out after the craziness of TNNA. When I finally get home after a week and a half, I should be able to catch my breath a bit before diving into the spring Cme issue (the submissions deadline is Wednesday. Hint).

And also, it's official. My new best friend Emma Jane is going to lead up the Cme redevelopment, and Cynthia is going to work on the look of the place. Beyond that I got nothing yet, so be patient my pretties. I'll share when I have it!

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