baby socks/slippers

Crochet Baby Socks: this gorgeous and prettiest baby socks made to protect your baby to the chilly cold season. It is the special item for the babies in the baby basket/wardrobe. It’s very thick and warm made in the worsted yarn. Their colors I choose very simple, its gets no time to crocheting, choose any color little wool and crochet hook and make a little pair of socks in short time, and protects your baby for the cold. It’s very easy to crocheting. In a day you can make very easy2 or 3 pairs of socks in small sizes. When you will learn about the pattern you can adjusted easy to other size as you want. So, don’t forget and learn about the small creations for the babies. As you know that the hand made things is the best idea for spare the time.

Materials List
crochet hook.
worsted yarn 4ply.

Finished Size

5sc x 6 Row = 1 inch

Pattern Instructions
I used only 2 colors worsted yarn in this pairs, I suggest you that make the same way to try out the pattern then you can making very easy in more colors. It’s made with a single crochet stitch. Both pair socks of the socks making in same way, the making idea is so simple, it has three parts to making, after finishing the first part, then make the heel and sew the top into the wrong side, then make the top part. Don’t confuse about it; I made some pictures for the guide, the picture tutorial make always easy the pattern.


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