Baby It's Cold Outside

It's busy over here, behind the screens of Crochet me. So busy that I have taken the time to crochet a scarf. Just one scarf. In the last two or three months. But now I'm presented with a problem: Months ago I promised a sweater to a baby. A really cute baby. I started knitting the sweater in October and I never finished. Now the baby went and grew too big for this unfinished knitted sweater, and I have four more days until the sweater needs to be handed over. *Trumpets sound.* Crochet me to the rescue!

Thanks to the brilliance of Julie Holetz, I'm more than halfway through crocheting a bigger sweater. Julie's pattern is simple, adorable, and really is a quickie. Here's my progress so far:

baby sweater

I'm using Sirdar Denim Chunky and a 7mm hook, and I tweaked the pattern a bit so that my sweater will be somewhat larger than the 12-month size. I got some ridiculously soft and fun-coloured yarn for the trim, and I'll show you the pics when I'm done. It feels great to be actually crocheting again!

Update: I lied. I just remembered I've crocheted almost an entire hat.

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