Baby Crochet

It's that time of year when holiday projects monopolize all of our time. Grandiose, carefully handmade crochet gift ideas fill our thoughts and every spare minute because if you are like me there is never enough time to finish all of the projects you would like to gift. Recently I was reminded of the other important gift giving occasions that also demand a place during this busy month. At the beginning of the week I overheard the Interweave Knits Assistant Editor gushing about a pair of crocheted booties and "eggplant" hat she had just seen. The baby set had been made by one of Interweave's customer service representatives. She will welcome her first grandchild any day. Hat and bootie There is something so special about receiving a carefully handmade project as a gift when you are born. I still have several baby blankets crocheted for me. Booties I rushed down to her desk to get my own look at the wee gifts and was not disappointed. The little booties were tiny and perfectly adorable and the hat was exquisite. The pattern came from Crochet Gifts: Irresistible Projects to Make & Give and is called Berry Hat and Booties. I made two of the Berry Hats myself but never tried the booties. I have once again been inspired by those crafty people around me and will have to pull out some matching yarn and this pattern once again. Stephen In hat Should I start them before or after Christmas? Best wishes, Toni


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