Be Golden With These Award-Worthy Crochet Projects

It’s the season for award shows. If you’re like many people, there’s nothing you like better than sitting down with a bowl of popcorn and waiting to see who will win when the envelope opens. Or, if you’re like me, you’ll sit down with a crochet project instead of popcorn. And, in keeping with the theme, the color of the project sitting in your lap might just be the color gold.

If this is true, and you find yourself looking for gold-colored projects, look no further than this list of 9 projects that will make you as good as gold to the recipient of your award-worthy work.

1. Aspen Infinity Cowl

Trembling aspens are found in certain parts of the world, but if you’re wearing this infinity cowl, you’ll definitely be too warm to even consider trembling.

Award-Worthy Crochet Projects

Aspen Infinity Cowl CREDIT: Harper Point Photography

2. Honeycomb Blanket

Dedicated to and inspired by the designer’s mother, a beekeeper, this golden wonder will be a beautiful addition to any home. Originally published in Crochet to Calm.

Award-Worthy Crochet Projects

Honeycomb Blanket CREDIT: Chris Dempsy Photography

3. Moon Ridge Cowl

Cable construction yarn? Yes, please. Ends that are joined by a series of chain loops? Even better!

Award-Worthy Crochet Projects

Moon Ridge Cowl CREDIT: Harper Point Photography

4. Squishy Hat

Squishy describes this hat perfectly. The single-ply yarn and pom-pom (affiliate link) just add to its appeal.

Award-Worthy Crochet Projects

Squishy Hat CREDIT: Donald Scott, Ann Swanson

5. My Crown

Perfect for your little prince or princess, this crown is ideal for playtime or for making anyone feel like he or she is the center of your world.

Award-Worthy Crochet Projects

My Crown CREDIT: Harper Point Photography

6. Gloria’s Happy Hat

A simple crown with a chevron brim—those are just two of the things that make this hat a must-have for your winter wardrobe.

Award-Worthy Crochet Projects

Gloria’s Happy Hat CREDIT: Joe Coca

7. St. Croix Scarf

If you want to try out a different cable technique, this is the pattern for you. Five rows, a cable section, 5 more rows and some tassels—that’s all it takes.

Award-Worthy Crochet Projects

St. Croix Scarf CREDIT: Harper Point Photography

8. Queen Bee Throw

Like a bear to a honeypot, you’ll be pulled into this afghan. And you’ll be stuck on it until all the motifs are made and crocheted together.

Award-Worthy Crochet Projects

Queen Bee Throw CREDIT: George Boe

9. Sovereign Bag

Just a little bag that can be used for almost anything—hooks (affiliate link), a ball of yarn, and perhaps even a small project. Carry it on its own or tuck it into a larger bag. Either way, it’s the perfect size for something small and portable.

Award-Worthy Crochet Projects

Sovereign Bag CREDIT: Nathan Rega, Harper Point Photography

There you have it—a list of projects to keep you company while you wait to see who wins. No matter which project you choose, you’ll be golden! Let us know in the comments which one you’re going to work first!

Happy Stitching!

Featured Image: mohamed_hassan / 3843 images/Pexels

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