August/September Call for Submissions

Yes, summer is just starting. But over here in Crochetmeland we're already thinking ahead to cooler nights and shorter days. Hey. It could be worse.

Here's what we're looking for:

In the August/September issue we'll focus on themes of everything old is new again, and unleash your inner child.

Think back-to-school, late-summer sports and barbecues, adult frivolity, a new and modern take on old things, toys, and especially garments.

Playful, fanciful, FUN, fresh start, active, recycle…

The deadline for contacting the editor with ideas and/or sketches is July 1st. Final materials from selected designs are due July 15th.

And a reminder — We have an open call for garments and accessories (with an emphasis on garments). We'll fit your design to the issue it's most appropriate for, so don't worry about when's the best time to submit your idea. Here's a general guide to the types of garments we're looking for, when:

Aug/Sept: Cool weather, Fall-friendly garments; back-to-school
Oct/Nov: Cold weather winter garments
Dec/Jan: Cold weather winter garments
Feb/Mar: Cool weather garments, preparing for Spring
Apr/May: Warm weather, spring-friendly garments; outdoors

Jun/July: Hot weather, summer-friendly garments; picnics, vacations, etc.

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