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Pineapple Sheath by Tammy Hildebrand

What adventure has the Interweave Crochet editorial crew gotten themselves into now? It's always fun to open the pages of the Interweave Crochet magazine and see the stories that have been created with crochet. Will I find a spring tea party, an adventurous hike through a spooky burnt-out woods, or a relaxing stroll down a beautiful beach.

Her is editor Marcy Smith to tell you about the Interweave Crochet Summer 2015 issue.

Interweave Crochet Photo Shoots

A funny thing happened at the photo shoot for this special Summer issue. (And I’m not talking about the now-to-be- expected SNOW that came down in bushels, making it challenging for the team to even make it to the studio.)

As we dressed the models and festooned the set with all manner of hearts and flowers, we began to talk about how and when we each met our significant others. Before long, we were talking about our own weddings and how we might have incorporated the projects in this issue. While the snow whirled around outside, inside we were cocooned in a warm bubble of happy—and, you know, we’re not normally all fuzzy-bunny like that.


That glow you see in the wedding story? It’s real. So, from our hearts to yours, we present this issue—filled with all the things to make your special day amazing. We have a wedding gown! And a matching bow tie for the groom. We have a peep-shoulder dress that would be fabulous on a bride, a member of the wedding party, or a guest. Either of the two shawls would be delightful on any woman. The DIY wedding feature will set you up to make your own bouquet, as well as boutonnieres and corsages. In addition, you can crochet hearts to transform into guest pins and cake toppers.

Seaside Dress by Moon Eldridge

So, you say you’re not getting married or going to a wedding this summer? You’ll still find lots to love in this issue. Our tropically infused Summer Breezes story features two rocking dresses, as well as an awesome tote and Irish crochet–inspired top. Any of these will enrich your experience of summer. Our Meshing Around story elevates crochet’s signature openwork in four gorgeous garments. And, of course, any of the garments in our wedding story can be worked in other colors for a very different look—even the stunning wedding dress, the Pineapple Sheath, can be worked shorter for a special summer dress.

Enjoy this celebration of crochet.


It sounds like they had so much fun at that photo shoot, and I love the patterns. Many of these designs would be gorgeous at a wedding and perfect for a special occasion or just an afternoon out. And there is so much more in the summer issue.

Delicate Fans Shawlette
by Anastasia Popova

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P.S. Do you have a special occasion like a wedding, party, or family get-together you are planning for this summer? Share with us in the comments if you are crocheting or would like to crochet a special piece for any occasion this summer.

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