Assemble Your Clara Bows

In the Spring 2014 issue of Interweave Crochet, you'll find the adorable Clara Bows by Brenda K.B. Anderson. Brenda incorporates some nifty tricks for keeping the bows from skewing as you crochet in the round and also for nipping in the bow at the center so it's nice and tidy.

You can work these bows in any weight of yarn. The pattern recommends three weights of Nazli Gelin Garden crochet thread (the bows shown in the magazine are worked in size 10 thread). But maybe you want to work one up in super bulky yarn to adorn a pillow. Or in worsted or DK for a sweater.

I worked my bows in DK (Biggan Design DK Merino First Cross in peppy Fuschia Pink / 905 and Bright Jade / 650), for demo purposes.

After you work the bows, there may be a bit of wonkiness at the join of the round.
Just weave the tail through both side of the join to tighten up. (Of course, the center band will cover it up, but some of us just like things nice & tidy like that.)
Yup, bit of wonkiness at the center band join. You can fix that up, too, before working the edging.

See how nice & neat my pieces are, with the tails all woven in?


If you weave in the tails, when you get to this part of the assembly instructions:

"Using either beg or ending tail in MC and yarn needle …"

You will smack your forehead & have to make a cup of tea & you will lose some time there. Just leave those tails dangling.

(If, like some people, you have woven in the tails, just cut a strand of MC and proceed as if you were following the directions all along.)
Weave the needle through the back as directed. Flip the bow over to be sure you can't see the needle from the other side. This will ensure maximum tidiness. If you can see the needle, just reweave it, being sure to pick up just the back loops.

When you've woven the needle through both inner sides of the bow as directed, pull on the tail to snug it up. Those brilliant slip stitches in the middle will tighten up even more. Keeping tension on the tail, weave it through a final time and secure with a few tiny stitches.

This is what it means to

Fasten large safety pin through one of the
sides of the Main Section of Bow as foll: slide
the pin through the open lp at one end of the
large bow tube and close the pin.

The safety pin then acts like a needle, so you can insert it into the center tube ….
… and pull the big bow portion through the center band.
Use the main color to secure the center band to the bow, so it doesn't slip (this is another place where you use the tails if you haven't tucked them in already.)

Secure through both sides of the back.

NOW you can weave in any tails that haven't been used for sewing.

Ta da! Done!
Now, get fancy!

What will you adorn with your bows? Let us know in the comments or post pictures in the Member Photo Gallery.

Happy crocheting!




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