As If Crocheters Go Quietly Into the Night

This quote from today's Telegraph slays me. The writer is quoting a letter to the editor that left an impression on him (the parenthetical is not mine):

“Sir,” he said (and if I paraphrase or abbreviate, I hope he will forgive me), “isn't it time the Tory party stopped pretending to be some namby-pamby crochet club?”, and he went on to wring the withers of the Opposition before kicking it smartly in the fetlocks and slapping it in the girth. He didn't want any more of this bunny-hugging nonsense. He didn't want this green what-have-you.

I smirk and raise my eyebrow knowingly when I see crocheters depicted as quiet, meek, agreeable, and ineffective. If only everyone knew how much vinegar is spit over our craft. Certainly as much as the gentleman being quoted was spitting over politics.

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