Art and Craft in the Context of Crochet: Discuss

Yesterday, I had a conversation with several friends about the distinction between art and craft. It's something that's been on my mind a lot recently, mostly as mental exercise as I prepare to write an article about it. I started up a Flickr group about Art Crochet, but there hasn't been a ton of activity on it (please join! Share your thoughts and photos!). I figured I'd pick your brains, and see what you think.

What do you see as the difference between art and craft? Does it lie along only one dimension (e.g., utility, technique), or do many factors contribute?

Is the crochet you make craft or is it art? Can it be both? If you think it's craft, what would you have to do differently to make it art? If you think it's art, what would you have to do differently to make it craft?

Do you see more inherent value in one over the other, or are they equally valuable?

Are there crochet artists that you particularly like? What is it about their art that you find so appealing?

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