Arrr! It’s Traffic, Me Maties!

Today's Int'l Talk Like a Pirate Day, so go to town, kids. That's about all I've got, cuz I can't quite stomach talking about servers in pirate.

The recent downtime of has been caused by… wait for it… about a 30% increase in traffic to the site over the last week. Traffic started creeping up before the new issue went live, and it took hearing it from the fabulous DreamHost support dudes for me to accept that the huge spike in traffic over the last few days is, in fact, the reason the server's been slowing down to a standstill. There I was thinking it was a sick joke of timing. Heh. I must remember parsimony: In science, the hypothesis involving the fewest assumptions is the hypothesis that should be favoured. Yes, I thought the little green gnomes that run the internets were responsible for the ironic timing of our server problems, but in fact I should have simplified it even more: the traffic to the site is causing the server problems.

So. I can't say yet exactly when things will be fixed, but I am working with our web host to up the memory on our server to accommodate the increase in traffic. And then, when I can reliably access the site again, I'll get right on fixing our CAL glitches so Amy can get rolling with all you fine folks who want to crochet the perfect sweater.

Thanks for your patience!

And instead of seeing if maybe you'd like to help support us in the face of our ever-increasing hosting costs, I'll ask you to support our fundraising efforts for the upcoming Run For The Cure. No, I will not shut up about this until I reach my goal of raising $1,000CAD for this oh-so-important cause. Big thanks to everyone who's already made a donation. You rock!

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