Arrowhead Necklace: What are those Jewelry Bits?

Arrowhead Necklace by Beth Nielsen, Crochetscene 2014
If you've been wanting to turn your crochet pieces into jewelry, the Arrowhead Necklace is the perfect project to get you started. But first, let's take a moment to get familiar with the Jewelry Bits.  Below you can see the metal pieces attached to one side of the necklace. From left to right that is a spring ring, the jewelry chain, and a jump ring. Read below to learn more!

The ovular metal ring above  is called a "jump ring" or "split ring", they can also be circular. Jump rings are used to connect one object to another. In this case, they are connecting your crochet chevrons to the metal clasp. There is a split in the middle of the oval which is used to twist apart the two sides. Instead of pulling away from each other, you will generally be using pliers to twist the sides in opposite directions. You can slip one end through the crochet chevron, then twist the jump ring back together.

For jump ring instructions, click here.

You can also make your own jump rings!
Click here to learn how to make jump rings with 18g wire using a jewelers saw.
Click here to learn how to make jump rings from wire and wire cutters.

For more resources on jewelry, be sure to check out

This particular clasp is called a "spring ring" or "lobster clasp set", you'll probably need to buy these. You can see that they are attached by another oval shaped spring ring which connects it to the jewelry chain. 
I hope you'll dive right into crochet jewelry now that you know a little bit more about the non-crochet parts of the puzzle! 

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