Arm Knitting Video How-To and Stash-Busting Idea

So you or the kids want to learn how to arm knit. Great! Join Vickie Howell as she demonstrates step-by-step how to knit with your arms in her free video. It’s really easy and super fun!

Arm Knitting a Cowl: The Ultimate Stash-Busting Project

My coworker, Alice Weaver, raided the yarn scraps here at Interweave to create a really colorful cowl with arm knitting. From start to finish, it took her about 35 minutes to make.

arm knitting

Alice, aka Red Queen Alice, is wearing her arm knitted cowl wrapped twice around her neck.

Alice’s experience included the use of 14 different small-gauge yarns. She goes into greater detail below, and her account makes it all sound so easy!

Cowl Pattern

The project is 6 stitches across and 32 rows long. I used a basic arm knit technique, with standard bind-off, and using the tails to stitch the ends together.

arm knitting

Arm knitted cowl seamed.

Tips for Working with Multiple Strands

To make sure that all of the yarn would stay together and that I wouldn’t lose any threads during arm knitting (since it’s rather hard to sort it out when you’re mid-row and feel rather encumbered by that point), I used a bag with a large opening at the top, then gathered the ends, and pulled up. Once I measured out one forearm-length, I tied a knot so all the yarns would be together whenever I needed to pull more yarn from the bag, and I had a decent tail for the project start.


arm knitting

Front and back of Arm Knitted Cowl

Thanks, Alice!

Stash-busting works for every hair color!

Alice shared pictures with me of the cowl worn a couple different ways and with a few different hair colors. As you can see, stash-bushing with multiple colors creates a cowl that’s very versatile.

Below is Pink Queen Alice and White Queen Alice. Yes, these are cheeky references to Alice in Wonderland. She’s kind of a nerd like that. And we love that about her. The cowl is worn as a hood in the Pink Queen Alice photo. Very clever.

Wear as a hood or a cowl.

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