Apple Chips




Apple chips were made as a fund rise for the local youth program.Whoever donated money at the Apple Festival they got the apple chip. 🙂

They make great pin,fridge magnets, Xmas tree ornament etc.

Materials List

Colors: off white/cream, dark red, brown

Yarn: patons –merino classic wool or Lion wool

Finished Size

8cm x6cm ;3 1/4″ x 21/2″


does not realy matter

The Pattern

Start with cream:
1st round- Ch 6, Sl close the loop
2nd round – Sc 2,Dc 4, Sc2, Dc4, Sl close the round
3rd rund –Ch1,sc1, hdc 2into one space, Dc2 into one space, Dc2 into one space,Sc2, Hdc2 into one space, Dc2 into one space, Dc2 into one space, Hdc 2 into one space, Sc1

4th round- Sc1, {Dc2 into one space}rep 9 times, sc2, { Dc2 into one space}rep 9 times,Sc2

if making the small size now change to red: with red yarn- Sc40 times.

If making the medium size continue with cream color:
5th round- {Dc 2 into one space,Sc1} repeat 9times,Sc2, {Dc1,Dc2 into one space}repeat 9 times, Sc2

6th round – with red yarn Sc 54 times

to finish: sew up the middle to shape the chip, weave the ends in,

with brown strand make chain 10 weaving the end at the same time so you have to ends on the same side, with the ends/strands of brown yarn embroidery seeds and bottom as on picture.

Ch- chain stitch
Sl- slip stitch
Sc- single crochet stitch
Hdc- half double crochet stitch

Dc- double crochet stitch

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