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I am always on the lookout for a great crochet pattern. If you’re like me, you have hundreds of patterns flagged in books and magazines, stuffed in folders, and PDFs stored in your computer. But this weekend I found a few more, and these are quick and easy to find in one place—on the Knitscene 2005-2007 and 2007-2009 Collection CDs. Here’s a highlight a few of my favorite projects and why they’re in my queue. Can you tell I’m in the mood for fun summer projects? What are you in the mood for?

  This article on crocheting circles offered good, basic instructions on creating circle motifs, a few tips, and some great ideas for using the circle motifs. I have a bin full of tiny, leftover balls of yarn just waiting to become circles to embellish a pair of shoes or jeans. 
Hook it UP! (Fall/Winter 2005)
  Speaking of circle motifs, this skirt is just too much fun! The stitch and construction of this summery skirt is simple, and I could wear it from the office to an outing with friends or a backyard party. I like my skirts knee-length, and it's easy to modify the length on this skirt. I might even add a second contrasting band.
The DC Shuffle (Fall 2007)
  I stopped and simply stared for a moment when I digitally flipped to this page. Worked in tapestry crochet, these flames appear to jump off the page. This pattern may move to the top of my queue. It would make a great project bag or larger purse and is sure to spark a crochet conversation whenever I go out.
 Flaming Tote (Fall 2007)

I've had my eye on this skirt by Elissa Sugishita for a while. I love the texture of the chevron stitch and the fun, flirty ruffling around the hem. It would make a great summer skirt that could easily transition to fall and winter with a great pair of boots.

Herringbone Skirt (Fall 2007)

Stripes! Worked in single crochet, this simple tee has short capped sleeves. The compact stitch gives enough coverage that you wouldn't have to wear an additional layer underneath. For some reason, this shirt gives me the urge to sit in the stands of a local sporting event with my friends and a crochet project.

Singular Tee (Winter 2007/Spring 2008)
  This classic silhouette will always be in style. The color pattern has a wonderful visual texture, and you can wear it with a skirt or jeans. It moves easily from summer to winter depending on what you layer underneath. I love how this vest can "dress up" a pair of jeans.
Crochet Coed Vest (Fall 2009)
And like many of you, I am a multi-crafter. I love the great knitted patterns as well as the crochet patterns. A few of my favorite knit patterns also made it on my list.

Hero Pullover (Fall 2007)                                              Flourish Vest (Fall 2009)                                              Riding to Avalon (Fall 2008)

I may have to pick up a few copies of these CDs as birthday or holiday gifts. Many of the patterns are simple enough that they can be worked by a beginning crocheter or knitter.

Take a look and see what strikes your fancy.

Best wishes,

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