Announcing the Swingy Skirt CAL!

Once the temperature hits the 70 degree mark, I pull out all of my spring skirts and dresses. Frolicking in the sunshine with a twirl-y skirt or dress on is one of the true joys of summer. We just had our second straight week of 60 and 70 degree days here in Colorado and as I look in my closet, I find it could use a few more skirts to get me through the twirling season. Rather fortuitously, the Spring issue of Interweave Crochet has a whole crochet skirt story!
 Swingy Skirt by Victoria Hewerdine Thornton  

The Swingy Skirt by Victoria Hewerdine Thornton caught my eye as soon as it arrived in the office. It's a really classic shape that flatters every body type. It's a simple pattern; one of those that can be toted around to ball games or on lunch breaks in the park. It can be easily modified to add or subtract length (the pattern even tells you where to do so). Plus, the yarn is really affordable so it's not an expensive project by any means.You could even get a couple of coordinating colors and make it striped if you wanted (I was toying with this idea).

I have never crocheted a skirt before, and I'd love to have a bunch of lovely ladies all hooking up their skirts together. Then we can all go have a spontaneous frolic together in our fabulous new crocheted skirts! Please come join me in the Crochet-Along forum. We can discuss what colors we're all choosing, what we will wear underneath it, frolicking, etc. See you there!

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